About Me

Throughout my life I have always wanted to travel and serve people. Growing up my family was always on the road going to various places, but never did I imagine I would be where I am today. While in high school and university I had the opportunity to go on three mission trips: Alaska, Costa Rica, and Belize. These places changed me in many different ways and made me see the world in a new perspective. However, after spending only a week or two at these locations I knew I wanted more.

I committed to playing soccer for East Texas Baptist University in 2011 and quickly became the place I called home for the next four years. I am thankful for my time at ETBU and the people I have met along the way, but most importantly am grateful because it is the reason I am able to call Wales my new home. After graduating from East Texas in 2015 with an undergraduate in Business Marketing I moved over to the United Kingdom to begin an internship and charity work over there.

While in Wales this past year I was surrounded by amazing people and learned so much about my faith and what it means to serve others before myself. It was a year of immense personal growth in the midst of being in a new culture. The year challenged me in ways I could not even imagine through things such as the teaching courses and volunteer work.

I am excited to be able to return to Wales for a second year to continue to build on the things I have learned throughout my time there.