The Valleys of Life

For most of my life I have been on the mountain tops or climbing toward them. Even in the  midst of the unknown I was still climbing up because of the safety nets I had around me. Now I am in this valley. In a point lower than usual. I cannot see what is ahead and have these mountains blocking it. People often associate valleys as a rough place to be. A place of uncertainty. I was reminded recently the valleys in life can be some of the best times of rest and reassessing things. There are various types of valleys. Each unique in its own way. Some even have rivers which flow through them. They produce a source of fresh water and life to many things. I see us as these valleys. We all have things in our lives that are difficult and obstacles placed in front of us so we cannot see what lies ahead. It leaves us looking up wondering if we will ever reach the top of the mountain. To the higher point of having a clearer view. I know that is how I have felt after moving back from Wales. It is hard knowing I will not be returning to this year and left me with the idea of wondering what is next. Then there is the gentle sound of the river. That source of life. I believe this is the representation of what God is for us. He brings us comfort at all times. Both the good and the bad. He is the taste of water that completely refreshes and revives us. Right now I am in that valley. However, I no longer see it as a bad place to be. I am going to walk by the stream and rest. To take things day by day since I cannot see the big picture right now.

I will continue to ask what is next for me. Enjoying this season spending precious time with friends and family. As I continue to seek for jobs and wait for what is next, I know where my comfort lies. There is so much peace within that.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated for job opportunities to present themselves. Thank you all for walking through this journey with me.


Many blessings,


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