Unique Opportunities

I am so thankful for constantly being able to experience unique opportunities while in Wales. I recently ran the North London half marathon (something I never thought I would actually do let alone in another country) in order to raise money for Coastlands Church building project. My friend Mel and I were able to raise over £450 thanks to some amazing people who sponsored us on our run. The atmosphere on race day was incredible and being able to cross the finish line in Wembley stadium was even better. In the midst of all this, I was reminded this past week of how God really has been watching over me after what happened in London on Wednesday. It is such a weird feeling knowing I was only there just over a week ago in the same area where the attack was. My heart breaks for what happened and is always a reminder to enjoy every minute given.

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This past week I also started mentoring within the local school. I have been assigned to work with four girls who need help for various reasons. I am so excited for this chance to be able to work with them throughout the weeks ahead. I would love nothing more than to see them grow and be able to help them in the areas which they need.

Last weekend I was able to attend a women’s leadership conference. Christy Wimber spoke during two of the sessions and it was incredible. I loved hearing her talk about the power of leadership and how we should be empowered even in the midst of adversity. One of my favorite parts though was the fact that her three key points she talked about were some of the main things that have been on my heart recently. It was a true blessing and inspired me immensely.

I am continually amazed on how I am growing personally while here. I have really been thinking recently how this is such a unique opportunity and to cherish every minute of it because time seems to pass by quicker each day. I won’t get this time back and therefore am trying to absorb every moment I can.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I could not do this without you all and am eternally grateful!

Many Blessings,



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