There’s Always a Positive

458a2618I believe there is something to always learn and it is our choice whether we are going to do so or not. At the start of September, I was placed in the local primary school to head up what is called Value Based Sport. I was in charge of teaching six kids life’s values using the sport of football (soccer). I found it really difficult initially and even wondered if this is something I was suppose to be doing. The kids would not listen to me at all, was in a constant battle being the only leader there, and would often have one or two running off because they would get angry over silly things. I would be lying if I said there weren’t times when I just wanted to quit and walk away from it. However, I was quickly humbled and realized they probably have had many people quit on them. Therefore, if I did so I would be no different then the others. By adapting this mentality it has completely shifted my view of it.

Now I see kids who want so desperately to be loved and are just seeking attention. I can also see how much we have grown as a group. It is so great knowing how much more they trust me now and nothing I love more than hearing the kids understand the values they are being taught throughout the sessions. They are beginning to listen more each time and find so much joy within that. I am learning the little things make the biggest difference. Therefore, I am hoping and praying my time with them will help them grow as individuals and see how valued they are.

I fall in love with Wales more each day and am so thankful for the opportunities it continues to bring me. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They are making a huge difference.


Many Blessings,


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