One Down, Two to Go

I honestly do not know how the time has passed so quickly. I cannot believe I have already finished my first term and am now starting the second one. After experiencing this last year, I know it will only seem to go by faster each day. Sometimes I wish I could slow down the time, but nonetheless I am thankful for what this place has taught me thus far. I am so thankful for the people who continue to invest in me each day and show me God’s love in a way I could never imagine. I look at people who sacrifice so much and expect nothing return. So many of them inspire me and who I strive to be like. One of the things I admire most about the church congregations here in Wales is despite most people having full time jobs, they put aside time to volunteer for the various clubs. To me this a prime example of selflessness.

There are so many great things throughout my time back in Wales which have shaped and challenged me. I love being able to invest in the young people throughout the Vale area. They all have such unique and even some difficult stories, yet are such a joy to be around. Working in Wales this past year and half has taught me to see people in a different perspective and love others no matter what.

Starting this term I will also be able to take on more leadership positions which is great. One of the most recent ones I will be taking on is leading Coastland’s 18-30’s housegroup. I am extremely thankful and excited for this opportunity to grow with these people and hopefully be challenged in our faith. I really would appreciate prayer that God is the center focus and I am merely there to help lead the group.

As some of you may or may not know, due to child protection laws in the U.K. I am not allowed to video or take pictures with any of the kids I work with. However, I did put together a video of some of the things I have been doing outside of work as well as a glimpse of what my Christmas holiday was like back in the States. Hope you enjoy.

As ever, thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support throughout my time here. I am so thankful God chose me to be apart of the culture here in Wales and am glad I get to share a little glimpse of it with you all.


Many blessings,


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