The Unexpected

It is crazy to think around this time last year the Hatchers and I decided to take a trip to this mysterious place called Barry. I vividly remember thinking how beautiful it was and what a shame it was I would probably never be back again. I really believe the Lord has a sense of humor and little did I know this would be the place I now called home. I love that He knows our plans before we even think of them. Barry is becoming such a huge part of my life already and am learning so much from the people around me. I have been challenged by their passion and desire to know more of God. They are great at trying to reach the community, strengthen the church, and also strive for personal goals. I am amazed at how they desperately want to see Him move in this nation. There is usually no set agenda or scripted talks. Instead, it is people waiting to hear from the Lord and seek His will in everything. In a world filled with so much hatred and chaos, I can only imagine what would happen if this was a pattern throughout the globe. What an honor is it to be able to experience it here though and share it with you all.

I am excited for what is to come throughout the course of this year. I really feel God has challenged me to step out in faith and to trust Him in all circumstances. I hope I can look back in July and see how much I have grown through those aspects. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I could not do this without you all and am so grateful for you.



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